Jonn Melchiat´s release is the first shoot of the new side project of the hyper productive art collective based in Berlin as SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL is.
Jonn´s sound is the preview of what WNB research is oriented to.
From the first kick drum of “The Mindshake” till the last note of  the title track, “The Story To Be Told” we have a powerful combination of deep grooves and fine arrange that is the leitmotif of Jonn Melchiat release and is what we have to expect from What Now Becomes in the next episodes.
Perfect tracks for warm up and after-hours.

Artwork: Alessandro Baldoni

Catalog:     WNB001
Artists:     Jonn Melchiat
Release Name:    The Story To Be Told


1.    The Mindshake
2.    Triplet
3.    So What
4.    The Story To Be Told

Release Date: 10 October 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    Sleep Is Commercial
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved


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