Third release for the interesting WNB catalogue.

This time the label is going more experimental with a precious release from The D.L.O., an already well know and appreciate artist in the SIC rooster.

The sound of D.L.O. stands from the undergrowth of the new digital composer era.
Always complete with a good dose of weird inventiveness, a very good knowledge of the potential of the machine used into production, bring our ears in touch with a deep sonority, mixed with some really unusual sounds probably generated from an heavy manipulation of acoustic elements .

Everything´s coming from The D.L.O. sounds so different but at the same with his smoothness you feel immediately confident with this new dimension.

In this EP sometimes the mind goes to some of the more particular composition of Villalobos, other times you are catapulted into a jazz guitar journey everything as demonstration of the huge knowledge and back ground, this promising producer has.

Good and different, if you are looking for something that gives an high profile to your selections.

Artwork: AF

Catalog:     WNB003
Artists:     The D.L.O.
Release Name:    Kink On Demand


1.    Tre Leches
2.    Impostor
3.    Mojo Ping

Release Date:      7 Novembre 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    What Now Becomes
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved


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