Third Child is the new name presented by this promising new label from Berlin.

Enterprais EP has all the ingredients which characterize the sound of What Now Becomes.
The introduction is made by the deep groove enriched with some joyful pads of the title track, in which we can start to taste and appreciate the flavor of the music of this producers come from Rome, the eternal city.

Deep and minimal is the side that Third Child explore mostly in this release, and those elements of positive minimalism is what we find in each track composing Enterprais EP.

One more time an interesting project never expectable, for people with fine taste, addicted to after-hours sonority.

Artwork: AF

Catalog:     WNB004
Artists:     Third Child
Release Name:    Enterprais EP


1.    Enterprais
2.    Key On Storm
3.    Soft E Piano

Release Date:      21 November 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    What Now Becomes
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved




Third release for the interesting WNB catalogue.

This time the label is going more experimental with a precious release from The D.L.O., an already well know and appreciate artist in the SIC rooster.

The sound of D.L.O. stands from the undergrowth of the new digital composer era.
Always complete with a good dose of weird inventiveness, a very good knowledge of the potential of the machine used into production, bring our ears in touch with a deep sonority, mixed with some really unusual sounds probably generated from an heavy manipulation of acoustic elements .

Everything´s coming from The D.L.O. sounds so different but at the same with his smoothness you feel immediately confident with this new dimension.

In this EP sometimes the mind goes to some of the more particular composition of Villalobos, other times you are catapulted into a jazz guitar journey everything as demonstration of the huge knowledge and back ground, this promising producer has.

Good and different, if you are looking for something that gives an high profile to your selections.

Artwork: AF

Catalog:     WNB003
Artists:     The D.L.O.
Release Name:    Kink On Demand


1.    Tre Leches
2.    Impostor
3.    Mojo Ping

Release Date:      7 Novembre 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    What Now Becomes
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved




Second release for the newly born What Now Becomes.

000 not unknown for the followers of the sleepless collective based in Berlin.
“Hollowing Out”, his first EP, released on SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL, showed already what here seems starts to be the trade mark of 000 sound.
With “River Bank”, Enrico goes on into his definition of the deep minimal underground, taking always care of all the ingredients the dance floor needs: hypnotic grooves and original breaks, fine sound design creating spacial layers and creative structures is what we find in all the three tracks compose this EP.

Perfect weapons for after-hours and warm up sets.

Artwork: AF

Catalog:     WNB002
Artists:     000
Release Name:    River Bank

1.    River Bank
2.    004
3.    005

Release Date: 24 October 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    What Now Becomes
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved




Jonn Melchiat´s release is the first shoot of the new side project of the hyper productive art collective based in Berlin as SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL is.
Jonn´s sound is the preview of what WNB research is oriented to.
From the first kick drum of “The Mindshake” till the last note of  the title track, “The Story To Be Told” we have a powerful combination of deep grooves and fine arrange that is the leitmotif of Jonn Melchiat release and is what we have to expect from What Now Becomes in the next episodes.
Perfect tracks for warm up and after-hours.

Artwork: Alessandro Baldoni

Catalog:     WNB001
Artists:     Jonn Melchiat
Release Name:    The Story To Be Told


1.    The Mindshake
2.    Triplet
3.    So What
4.    The Story To Be Told

Release Date: 10 October 2012
Format:    Digital

Label:    Sleep Is Commercial
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved




Hubble, is with no doubt, one of the most impressive and original artists popped up from the underground Berlin scene, in the latest couple of years.

His set and his productions are becoming a small event for a growing crew of followers, and this is a contagious phenomenon.
During his Dj Sets, the different way of mixing, or maybe better to say remixing, and his music research combined are becoming his trademark.

As a natural sequel of “Forget Me Not” his first album on Archipel, after several releases already out or in preparation on labels such Haknam, Prologue and of course the limited series of SLEEP IS COMMERCIAL, “Reverse Utopia” represent a step back from the dance floor, and a journey into soft atmospheres created by mellow pads enriched with acoustic and organic sounds, sometimes played live, as the cymbals sessions recorded with Tylo Alpmann.

The grooves are still defined but never obsessive and always balanced with the other elements of the tracks.

The album release on CD only, is compose from 6 tracks around 10:00 minutes each (at least), and is completed from a 4 bonus tracks pack, downloadable trough a link you can only find in the booklet of “Reverse Utopia”.

Including master pieces as “I Think About You All The Time” and “Domus”, “Reverse Utopia” is a great composition from Hubble, that push the boundaries of his chill out techno to the very high level and shows us the research and the attitude of the artist, that represent and confirm the sophisticate and complete taste of the creative collective he´s part of.

Next big thing.

Artwork: Alessandro Baldoni

Catalog:     SICCD001
Artists:     Hubble
Title:        Reverse Utopia
Format:    CD Only

1.    No Place
2.    Chia
3.    Domus
4.    Dreamers
5.    I Think About You All The Time
6.    Everything By Chance

Bonus Tracks
7.    India
8.    Dreamers Revisited
9.    Disingenous Statement
10.    Love & Revolution

Release Date:

Label:    Sleep Is Commercial
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved




Is minimalism back or is better to say minimal never died?

Not sure about definitions in general, but here is a lightly example of what minimal techno and house generate when they are sapiently mashed up together.

Easy Changes, from Moscow, Russia, are in our consideration, one of the best interpreter at the moment of this style, that seems like going trough trends and is more and more influenced by other genres.

In this release we have the feeling of funk and soul and a lot of musical elements are noticed in each of the 3 original tracks, and more into the Akiko Kiyama remix, that found in these sonority the perfect playground to build up her delicate structures, made by organic sounds and click drum kits.

Someone says Easy Changes representing the art of conception and the future of modern techno music, and we just agree with it.

Mellow and deep Corpo Minore reflects perfectly and represent the sound we are into and we are glad to discover everyday that there are more and more elements as Easy Changes, that spread this idea of sophisticate and brain stimulating sound.
We consider this music and the life style connect with, as a new and revolutionary art movement, growing all around the globe, that has in itself a reflexion on the behavior of some people interested into it and a social impact that we are wondering were it will goes and what will gives born to.

Stay tuned.

Catalog: Sic013
Artists: Easy Changes
Format: 12″ Vinyl + Digital Media


A1.    Corpo Minore
A2.    Corpo Minore (Akiko Kiyama Remix)
B1.    Young Chorales
B2.    Prismatic Output

Release Date:

Label:    Sleep Is Commercial
Copyright Notice: All Rights Reserved